Multiple Teams · Girls JV Track Team Becomes District Champion

Like many other sports, junior varsity track has just ended and the Palmview girls junior varsity track team ended their 2016-2017 season in victory. The girls ended the season as district champion on April 6 at Mission High School.

“One challenge I was dealing with was having self doubt about myself, feeling that I wasn’t good enough to place,” junior Valerie Vega said.

Heading towards the final and most important meet in any sport is always nerve wracking for the athlete. However there is no skipping the district meet, and students must “take a deep breathe and just go for it.”

“We practice every day for the past 4 months doing workouts that were sometimes hard,” said Vega.

The girls junior varsity track team practices endlessly in preparation for their game. They practice before school, after school, and do numerous drills and practice runs months in advance for the end district game.

“I am more than satisfied with the end results. I went out there and gave it my all,” said sophomore Karla Chapa. “Why wouldn’t I be proud?”

Like every other girl in the team and their coaches, Chapa was extremely pleased and excited to learn that her team had won district champion at their final meet of the 2016-2017 school year. 

After a tiring and seemingly endless series of practicing, meets and more practices, the girls junior varsity have finally finished their season in a huge victory. Palmview is proud to say congratulations to our district champions and wish them a wonderful break until next season.