Multiple Teams · Victory for the Junior Varsity Lobos

By: Guillermo Garza

The Palmview High School junior varsity baseball team earned their victory against the Rowe Warriors. This game took place on March 4 at the PHS baseball field. As a result of the win, the junior varsity Lobos now maintain their strong standing for district.

“One challenge we faced was trying to close the game to win,” said Jaylen Garza. “We trusted each other, and played good defense to shut them out.”

Despite the win, the team struggled to end the game after their lead.

“Physically, I prepared by practicing all week before the game and mentally by focusing on the game and nothing else,” said Garza.

A baseball game, like all other sports, requires the player to be prepared mentally and physically for a sturdy win. Garza will continue to use this mindset, to work harder and hope for a good outcome.

“I’m glad we got the win but I wasn’t satisfied because we could have done a lot better,” said Garza.

The Lobos learned from their mistakes and are working hard to perform a lot better in their next game.

“There were some calls I didn’t agree with,” said Garza. “But you can’t change the umpire’s mind.”

The umpire, the game official of baseball, made some calls that didn’t go in the favor of the lobos. However, they were still able to overcome and be victorious.

Palmview High School wishes the junior varsity lobo baseball team continued success on the field.