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PHS Girls Varsity Soccer Aims For Improvement

By: Mirna Urbina



Palmview High School’s girls varsity soccer went up against Juarez-Lincoln Huskies on February 3, 2017. They lost a close game with a score of 1-0. The team is working on their techniques to better their chances of winning the upcoming games.


“A challenge I faced during the game was trying to get the grip of the soccer ball, due to the heavy drizzle. I solved it by using techniques I learned during practice and communicating with my teammates,” said Jessalyn Espinosa.


One of the disadvantages that outdoor sports face is the uncontrollable weather that might happen during their game. However, this gives the team the opportunity to use their skills and solve the problem.



“Something I would do differently at my next game is to trust myself more and to try harder than the last game,” said Espinosa.


Espinosa said that they’ll work on this for their next game against Nikki Rowe High Warriors.


“I wasn’t satisfied with the score because I know that my team players and I could have done much more to defeat the other team,” said Espinosa.


Even though, they lost the game; the coaches were encouraging them and reminding them “[they] did a good job and [they] tried their best.”

Due to that it’s the beginning of the season, the team is practicing and giving their all to redeem themselves.