Multiple Teams · Palmview High School wrestlers shoot their way to Victory

By: Guillermo Garza


The Palmview High School wrestlers participated in tournaments, which were held at different locations across the Valley during the first week of February. They competed to have a good standing for district and regional competitions.

“Something I will do differently my next tournament is to study my opponents more,” said Arnoldo Nacianceno. “Hopefully I will be able to see them wrestle, before I wrestle them.”

Because of the diverse competition in each tournament. Nacianceno had to adjust to each challenger in each match he faced, which is something all wrestlers deal with in high qualifying competitions.

“My biggest accomplishment was not letting my opponent get a single point during my finals match,” said Nacianceno.

In the All-Valley Championship Tournament, Nacianceno came out number one in his weight class. He is the All-Valley Champion for 170 lbs.

“When I was down on the mat, I could hear my coach and teammates cheer me on,” said Ymelda Garza. “It motivated me to push harder and win the match.”

It was this motivation that helped Garza remove her arm from pin and overall win the match.

“No matter if you get first or last you’re still a winner, because of the support of teammates and coaches,” said Garza.

By participating in these tournaments, Garza was more aware of the importance of motivation. Which has been one of the main factors in her success thus far.

Nacianceno qualified for district and will now be advancing to regionals on February 17-18th.